Monday, March 30, 2009

Foster Care (message for couples waiting)

I know this may be asking a lot of you, but I wish for you to think on the children out there waiting for a home in the Foster Care system. Maybe this isn't right for you at this time. Maybe you have needs to fulfill first or have been driven in another direction by the spirit. I just hope I can plant a simple seed, even if its just curiosity to look further into Foster Care as a means of building your family, or helping other families get back on their feet. This isn't a program for the faint hearted. THERE WILL BE CHALLENGES.

I just want you all to know how incredibly fulfilling this has been so far for me. I LOVE the boys in our care so very much. They touch my life daily. When we first received the boys into our home I thought: "What am I getting myself into???"

There were challenges I thought I was ready for but really I wasn't quite ready for them. I thought I was so prepared. I just couldn't wait for that phone call. We said yes to the first call, and now we do not regret it. I won't lie, at first I was in over my head. Three months really was a magical mark. Had a kid potty trained, the crying and tantrums had changed. And now at our five month mark, I can't imagine not having the boys with us. The thought of them leaving saddens me. I want them here in my family forever. I am so attached. I love getting hugs and playing with the boys so very much. Anything could happen still in regards to where the boys go. It will break my heart if I have to say goodbye!

I really just want to send this message out there to couples looking to adopt. I want to let them know this is a route, if they are brave if they are willing to risk heartache.

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Chrissy said...

Thank you for your post! It's nice to read good foster care stories while we prepare to adopt from foster care.

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