Friday, April 26, 2013

Helping a friend bring their Baby home!!!!

I know this is unusual but I want to ask you all for HELP for our friend Kristina Brown! They are ADOPTING a special needs little girl and they desperately need HELP TO BRING HER HOME! 
PLEASE consider helping them they have 15 days to hit this need to have her!
WE CAN GET HER THERE!!! It's ONLY $2500!!! 
Even if its $5, $10 every dollar counts!!! 


Their family was never expecting to adopt again after the loss of their daughter last year and IZZY just appeared so they applied and they were CHOSEN out of 500 families that wanted her!!! So They KNOW the Lord is involved!!!

"Last year our 18mo old sp needs daughter passed away. We pretty much destroyed our savings between her funeral and all the time missed from work while we were grieving. We have since been matched with a sp needs 2yr old in Texas.. We have to make our way to texas for training on how to take care of her sp needs. Feeding tube/brain tumor/ blindness.. We have to pay to fly there aprox 800 with flight and hotel.. then 1200 to 1400 to an attorney and another 500 to fly our daughter and the case worker here...". - Kristina

Please Help them make their Dream come true... Thank you and God Bless....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Birthmother's story...

Why is Tamra, an LDS birth mother, rocking the adoption community?? 

She said "I've seen people tell me after the fact, "Had I known the information, had I heard your story, I would have placed my child [for adoption] and they would have had a better life." I've had people who have had abortions tell me "Had I had accurate and current information, had I heard your story, I would have made a different choice." 

"God was using me to find his family. On this mortal side of things it looks like I shared him with them, but in reality they shared him with me. And the reason is because I needed him too. God got 2 birds with 1 stone: Justin had to go home, but he saved my life on the way." -Tamra

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LDS Adoption Connection Facebook Page!!!

HEY Everyone!  We have officially hopped on Facebook!!! Can you please visit our Page and "Like" it!!!  Just look look on the left column next to this post and click on the box and it will take you right to our page!!! Let's spread the word and help others know about LDS Adoption Connection!!!

An Open Adoption Documentary

Adoption Isn't Selfish

Straight from a Birthmom...

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