Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Looking for help to run this blog!

It has been a while since Elise or I have posted and I feel it is fair to say both of us are so busy currently...I feel we need to ask for help...There are many of you that love this blog...I love this blog but I just don't have the time to write for it right now at all barely. 

Would like to help run the blog?  I know many of you are amazing and able and would add some really great flare to it!  Please reach out thru the facebook page msg if you are interested so I can add you on to the blog! Thanks again ahead!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sixteen and a Mom...

All I know is I just watched this and I am still teary...ALL of you need to watch this.... birth mom's and women considering placing for Adoption should too.  My husband ended up seeing it on TV about a month ago and kept saying "Deanna you have got to find this movie and watch it" I should have watched it sooner but I can see now why it touched him so dearly since Audri had just been placed with us.  I am so thankful for the selfless sacrifice that Audri's birthmother made for her and us...there are no words....

**This is a full uninterrupted version...**

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good News!

I am so excited to announce some adoption miracles! Starting with the most recent:

James and Deanna have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their home on Wednesday with about two days notice! Can't wait to hear more details from them. Check out their blog for their announcement post!

Que and Brittany experienced quite the whirlwind in their home in April. They are now a family of four with the addition of a sweet little girl!!!!! Woohoo! Congratulations!!

Love sharing goods news with you all. I'm sure Deanna will check in when she can, but we can all understand she has her arms full of snuggly newborn goodness so she will be busy for awhile!
Soak it up girl! :) -Elise

Friday, April 26, 2013

Helping a friend bring their Baby home!!!!

I know this is unusual but I want to ask you all for HELP for our friend Kristina Brown! They are ADOPTING a special needs little girl and they desperately need HELP TO BRING HER HOME! 
PLEASE consider helping them they have 15 days to hit this need to have her!
WE CAN GET HER THERE!!! It's ONLY $2500!!! 
Even if its $5, $10 every dollar counts!!! 


Their family was never expecting to adopt again after the loss of their daughter last year and IZZY just appeared so they applied and they were CHOSEN out of 500 families that wanted her!!! So They KNOW the Lord is involved!!!

"Last year our 18mo old sp needs daughter passed away. We pretty much destroyed our savings between her funeral and all the time missed from work while we were grieving. We have since been matched with a sp needs 2yr old in Texas.. We have to make our way to texas for training on how to take care of her sp needs. Feeding tube/brain tumor/ blindness.. We have to pay to fly there aprox 800 with flight and hotel.. then 1200 to 1400 to an attorney and another 500 to fly our daughter and the case worker here...". - Kristina

Please Help them make their Dream come true... Thank you and God Bless....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Birthmother's story...

Why is Tamra, an LDS birth mother, rocking the adoption community?? 

She said "I've seen people tell me after the fact, "Had I known the information, had I heard your story, I would have placed my child [for adoption] and they would have had a better life." I've had people who have had abortions tell me "Had I had accurate and current information, had I heard your story, I would have made a different choice." 

"God was using me to find his family. On this mortal side of things it looks like I shared him with them, but in reality they shared him with me. And the reason is because I needed him too. God got 2 birds with 1 stone: Justin had to go home, but he saved my life on the way." -Tamra

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LDS Adoption Connection Facebook Page!!!

HEY Everyone!  We have officially hopped on Facebook!!! Can you please visit our Page and "Like" it!!!  Just look look on the left column next to this post and click on the box and it will take you right to our page!!! Let's spread the word and help others know about LDS Adoption Connection!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Amanda - I hope it's ok I posted this, I just loved this photo of you with Ella!

Brian and Amanda have welcomed their little girl home!!! We are so happy for you both...and yes she is such a cutie! Ella Jean was born on March 14th!  Please visit their blog to see just how cute she is and to read their placement story!!!

Dave and Ashley have also Adopted too!!! They welcomed a little boy!!! Can't wait to hear about how their little one came to their family!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Adoption Pass-a-long Facebook Photos!

So as many of you know last weekend I did an Adoption Media Blitz for James and I to find a potential Birthmother!.  All I can say is HUGE success as far as getting the word out and going beyond Viral! I even had a News station locally call me today because a producer in the station saw my page and they want to maybe feature us somehow about our adoption page!  Cuh-RAzy!! (I have to admit I got the idea to do this blitz so to say from my friend Amy's Blog...she posted about it some time back and I knew I had to do this...

Many of you need to read that post on my personal blog so that it can help you in your quest to find your baby!  I know I have been putting somethings in my posts lately that are kinda different but you guys need to be thinking different!  One of the things I did in addition to my post on my blog was to share about it on my Adoption Facebook Page!  This was a key component!  I was also interactive with my Facebook audience and they did a stellar job sharing and liking the posts so that all things would go viral and share thru their feeds!  One of the best ways was with these photo's.  I call them Adoption Pass-a-long photos!  Think about it we all have these cards and yes they are totally great but if you really want people to see your card make a photo version and post it on FACEBOOK!  These have gotten THOUSANDS of views on my Adoption Facebook Page.  How did I make them? of course!

 It is important to have a few of these so that it gives your friends a variety!  The more your friends also KNOW you and your story btw the more likely they will share!  People want to HELP people...make it personal!  Facebook is an amazing tool!  Get to know peeps on there, help them, connect them, refer them, and trust me they will help you if you need it! You Reap what you Sow!!!  Be the person God intended you to be and the person others want to KNOW!!!!  (That reminds me...we will talk about your personal Facebook pages on another post...hint: be interesting and Inspiring)

Sometimes, when I communicated thru my page I also attached a photo and sometimes not...And always share your Adoption Page's picture posts on your personal facebook...(I do it a few hours later though so it will show again or maybe in someones feed that didn't see it shared from my page!)

Lastly, This is the photo I changed my Timeline cover to for the ENTIRE weekend.  On both my Adoption Facebook page and Personal Facebook.  I also sent it privately to some close friends and family and asked them to post it as their cover photo as well.

Again, I know we are all on this Road together so I want to make sure all of you know how amazing I think each and everyone of you are!  I know this was a HUGE hit helping us already and may be the key to finding our birthmother and I know it may be the key for you too:)

Til the next post!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Just wanted to give you all a heads up that if you received a lame email from me this morning it obviously was not me...someone in "Turkey" had hacked the LDS Adoption Connection email...We have fixed it and taken care of the issue but a red flag would be it saying my name as the sender of the email so don't open it....sorry:(

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Drop Box...

I learned about this documentary from an article about the young man that produced this documentary and knew that others needed to see this...It is inspiring and so moving to say the least...You will see why you will also want to see this when it comes out fully...

If you want to read the article I saw re: this video and learn more about the young man that created it, here is the link:


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adoption Blog Headers and Facebook Covers!!!

Do you want to know how I made this header for my Facebook cover and my Adoption Blog?  

Well, I was googling and looking for a way to fix my personal blog header, my blog has had some technical challenges/glitches (hence why it isn't doesn't have a cute blog background) and I found this blog post on this girls blog that helped me know how to use this site.  I love google! (well for this that

The site is called !  OMGosh I LOVE IT!! You will too!  It was a little tricky to do the sizing part that she speaks of since I have made my blog wider but it may be easier for you...You can make cool Facebook cover pages too! I feel like I just stumbled on a Goldmine!  It's awesome! 

btw- I put it on my personal page and my adoption Facebook page...hence why I have the blog address on the header...the one on the actual blog does not have it.  Remember, you want as many people as possible to know you have an ADOPTION BLOG and even if someone isn't friends with you on Facebook and you comment on a post they can go to your page and still see your header and that YOU WANT TO ADOPT!  What if they know someone looking to place!  Every exposure helps!!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Calling on you...

 We want to hear from you!  
  • What would you like to hear more about? 
  • Are there topics on this blog that you want to know more about? 
  • Do you want to know more How To's (ex: social media)?
  • Are their questions you have?  
  • What ever it may be please let us know...

You can email us @ or you can just leave a comment below:)

LDS Adoption Connection Has a new button!!!!  
PLEASE POST our button on all of your amazing blogs so others can learn about this amazing resource to help them with their adoption journey or learn more about Adoption, or because you just LOVE... LDS Adoption Connection!!!

Share Our Blog Button on Your Blog!!!

Hoping to Adopt
Just copy/paste this to add to your blog!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Feature Post: Daniel and Christy

One of my favorite parts of administrating this blog is getting to feature hopeful adoptive couples. If you would like to have your family featured and you are currently certified to adopt, contact me at ldsadoptionconnection at yahoo dot com. Thanks! -Elise
Meet Daniel and Christy
There were fireworks the day Daniel and I met. Literally. It was the 4th of July and we were out with a group of friends. That was the first time I recognized Daniel’s potential as a father. We were sitting on a blanket as we were waiting for the fireworks to start. A little boy was nearby blowing bubbles and Daniel was playing along, catching them and making that little boy smile and laugh. I’m not ashamed to admit that it was the moment I started to fall for him.

We’ve been married for nine years and we’ve been hoping for a child for almost that whole time. We’d discussed adoption when we were engaged and we both felt like it was an option for us. It’s such a blessing that we’ve been able to work toward this dream together and we’re excited that someday we might be chosen to become parents. We’re hoping to have an open adoption so our child can know and love their first family.

We are artists in our own ways. Daniel draws and I’m a photographer. I’m in love with running. Daniel could spend days reading. We are both a little geeky since Daniel’s love of Star Wars and Star Trek is contagious. We have a dog named Doozer who absolutely adores little kids and keeps us laughing. We have a great life and we are excited to have the chance to be parents through the miracle of adoption!

We have so much more to tell you about us, so please come visit us at and feel free to drop us a line or ask us a question on our Q&A Tuesday blog posts!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

That we may "Not...Shrink"...

James and I had a friend text us last night in the middle of the night about this talk and that it made him think of us...I think the friend probably thought James had his phone muted since it was around midnight when we got the text which means our friend was watching at 1 am Idaho time! lol

Anyways, back to my point...I watched this while I got ready for church this morning and boy oh boy was this GOOD!  I am going to watch it again today so I can gain some better understanding of the talk.  I don't know about you but Elder Bednar has such a way of explaining things that has helped me in the past so much.

As I watched, it made me think I needed to post it here on the blog...I know I am not alone in the struggle of infertility or to grow our family...I know many of you will see what I saw when you listen to what he shared...SO so Profound.  I am grateful for amazing friends that share the love of the Gospel with mater what the hour hay be...We are truly blessed.

-BTW Elder Bednar begins speaking at 19 minutes in...


Saturday, March 9, 2013


So after some thought and many questions coming at me about blogs I have decided to write a post about starting or updating your Adoption blog!

Some of you may be thinking where do I start... this is hard? or  I already have one now I need an adoption one? or You mean I have to put my feelings or thoughts or info out there on the net? Or I am not good at this kind of stuff! or Everyone else is soooo much better than me at that kind of stuff or theirs looks way better than mine... Well, I will tell you these are all very valid questions or thoughts and some of them may be totally true and some well may be all in your head!

I will say this as I have before in the Social Media post I wrote that YOU need to have a blog!  No, its obviously not yes your birthmother may come to you in a totally different way but it is the best way to be able to share your thoughts, feelings and who you are with others that YOU ARE WANTING TO ADOPT with exception of Facebook but blog posts can be highly integrated into Facebook.  And if you are not on Facebook at this point you need to read the social media post....

So where do you start?

For starters I would say user (its linked to gmail).  Wordpress is way harder...well not as user friendly if you don't have a clue what you are doing.  When I started my blog  I had never done anything like it... Blogger is really user friendly and even has simple templates you can use to get started and all you have to do it pick which one.

 **I know many of you already have one of these but everyone starts somewhere!**

What should you have in it or on it?

Well for starters, I want you to look at the hoping to adopt blogs that are linked on LDS Adoption Connection and I really want you to look at them pretending you are an expectant mother looking to place the child you are carrying...Can you tell they even want to adopt?  Can you find info about them that tells you who they are?  Did they write a letter to you?  Did you feel like you already know them without meeting them?  Do they feel feel like old friends or do they seem stiff and uptight...or do you feel like they are your family?  Do they say they want an open adoption and do they feel like they want one?  There is a difference?  Do they allow you to feel what they are going through?  Do they inspire you? Do they make you want to know them more and that you can't wait to read their next post?  Do they have Facebook?  Can you learn more about them that way?  Was it easy to navigate their blog? Was it boring? Was it ugly or attractive?

These are things you MUST think about when you create your blog!  These blogs are to represent you yes, but they are for someone else to read!!! Would you want to read your blog? Seriously!  You need to ask yourself that question... I know I am not a candy coater and with this kind of stuff no one wants one of those...

When I decided to create a blog I CREEPED everyone else's and looked for all the parts I liked and definitely notated the ones I didn't like!

Contact Us!

You must give a birthmother a way to reach you on your blog...Create an email just for your adoption and put that on everything (Facebook, parent profiles, and your blog).  It would be the worst to have a birth mother want you and you never gave her a way to reach you...seriously its a duh! lol

Update Your Blog!

Some of you may not like what I say next but oh well! You really need to have a blog that you actually write on and update!!! Some of you out there have blogs that you call "adoption blogs" and all they are is another version of a parent profile or it's about love.  Although many of these blogs are super cute they are somewhat stale...yes stale (don't be offended just hear me out)...they are stale because anyone can create that and they don't tell a potential birthmother that you are STILL in fact wanting to adopt.

They say nothing about what is happening in your life, nothing about if you did indeed get placed with,  nothing about if you had a failed placement and how it felt, and it usually never says if you are indeed matched?

They say nothing...And worst yet is that when friends of people put them in their blog lists on their blogs they are at the bottom since they never are updated..thus a birthmother never clicks on them!  No one really clicks on these since they are at the bottom...They click on updated blogs...seriously again think as if you are them:)

Allow your posts to be Shared!

On blogger you can allow in the footer for your posts to be shared on want to add this function ASAP!  You have no idea how many times I wanted to share someones specific post and they didn't give this option...uhg! I love to share peoples stories so you want this on there...

This is also how YOU SHOULD share your newest posts on to your Facebook adoption page!  From your adoption Facebook page "THEN" you share it to your Personal facebook page because then your post will show where it was shared from (your adoption Facebook page) and people go to your page and "like" it and then their "like" shows in the Facebook newsfeed of ALL the people that person knows! cool huh!

p.s. see how on this picture the "show shares" box is not want to make sure it's checked!!!

Lastly...facebook and blog buttons!

You need to get these...create an adoption page if you haven't see social media post....and post these on your blogs...many people blog and they are happy to post a blog button on their blog for you.  You may say "Deanna how do I do that?"  Well, I just googled it that is how I learned I had no clue! But I found you this link and it will walk you thru it:) I also hunted on others blogs and copied their html and added my links and picts.  When you pick a picture for this you will want to make sure your picture shows your faces...make sure you are thinking "will someone want to click on my button?"  Is it boring or attractive! Does it say I want to adopt?  Hint: I used a picture of my wanting to adopt pass a long cards.  I worked great!

These need to be on your blog for others to "like" your Facebook page and be aware that you have one and for them to help you...they could be big time bloggers and have lots of traffic come to their blogs and because you have a button and they "know" your story they post your button on their blog!  Some of my coolest online friends came about because we were creeping each other's blogs and felt like we knew each other already!

I hope this has helped a bunch of you out there and again I am not trying to offend anyone just help...this is like a buffet table, take what you like and leave what you don'

**I am hoping to maybe have a birthmother write a post as well regarding blogging and Facebook too...if you are one and are interested please comment below or email me at


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

By His light...

I just read Kurt and Shaileen's post...and I am so broken hearted for them...broken hearted is an understatement...As someone that has felt the raw despair of a devastating failed placement recently I know first hand what they feel...It is a feeling that I hope no-one ever has to experience...the feelings are so indescribable since the pain is so immense...

I am not sure why some of us have to experience such severe trials, but I do know that thru these we gain much understanding...we become better people..more resilient people...more compassionate people...more understanding people...we become who Heavenly Father wants us to ultimately be... Heavenly Father does not forget what we endure...even if we have at times felt forsaken...He is there...

In the days after what happened in our placement reversal with Emerson...I felt numb, I had no desire to eat, I felt forgotten at times, I felt love and peace even though I felt such pain, I would have waves of tears that would hit, when I noticed I was ok I felt guilty because I was so so sad, I felt like I was living in a paused nightmare-like dream so to say...thru this pain Heavenly Father was able to show me how much James and I are everyone cared so much for us even though we were barely communicating with anyone...he showed me how to ask for help when I needed it and showed us how to allow others to help us...before this I would not have asked... 

When I read what Kurt wrote he reminded me of James (my husband)...both are such incredibly strong men...You can see how Kurt loves Shaileen so much...and how his heart breaks for her pain...I am not sure how to describe how this pain feels...seeing your spouse in such anguish is again nothing I would ever want anyone to experience...Kurt is an extremely strong James, Heavenly Father prepared them to care for their console strengthen be the one to speak for hold them...

In closing, I ask that all of you take the time to pray for them, pray for K as Kurt asked, pray for baby boy, pray for them to have understanding and peace...for them to feel all the love we and those around them feel for them, pray for them to feel closer to each other and the Savior more than ever...And lastly, when you do read their post please leave a all have no idea how much those comments on my posts and Facebook or in emails meant to me and James and still do...even though they may not respond at this time they will remember them and it DOES make a difference...

Kurt and Shaileen's blogpost:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Please join us in fasting...

Hello to all,

As you may have read in the previous post, my dear friend and fellow blog contributor Deanna is currently facing a heartbreaking trial. I am asking all those within the adoption world to join us in fasting tomorrow. We will be fasting with these thoughts specifically in our hearts, minds and prayers: for the best thing to happen for baby Emerson, that his birthmom Jules will receive clarity in her decisions, that God's glory can be shown through miracles, that Jules family will be in tune with Heavenly Father's will and will have understanding and clarity as well.

I know this is an unusual place to request fasting but I firmly believe in strength in numbers and faith. The Lord is able to do anything if it his will, I have seen it in my own family with our adoption journey. Our hearts have to be open and our minds willing to bend to his promptings and I sincerely hope that comfort, healing and love will be abounding in the resolution of this trial for the Little Family. I know that the Lord has a divine plan for all of this.

I will keep you all posted as Deanna chooses to share. Love to Jules, her family, Emerson and the Little Family at this time.


We need your prayers and faith!

Shared with the permission of the Little Family:

So so sad and broken hearted...

"Let thy Cry come near before thee, O Lord: give me understanding according to thy world" - Psalms 119:169

I feel very numb at the moment...I have gone through so many emotions in the past few hours and wonder why and can only ask for Heavenly Father to help me understand what has just happened...

There are no words to explain what our family is going through as well as our extended family. PLEASE PLEASE Pray for us...Pray for Emerson....we miss him so dearly already...Jules revoked her relinquishment yesterday afternoon after 4 weeks and LDS Family Services came for Emerson and brought him back to California...

Jules is set to place him with a cousin now...A wonderful cousin who is pro adoption and has even adopted and even congratulated us about our adoption from this blog...My heart is broken...

I PRAY for these cousins to seek confirmation and to pray to pray fervently about this ....
PRAY for Emerson to be surrounded by guardian Angels..I swear he see's them all the time...

PRAY for Jules to REMEMBER why she chose us and the Spiritual experience she had at the Temple and the confirmation she received....

We love Emerson so much and I have never felt pain like this ever in my life...I feel like I have been forced to give my child away, I never made any choices to create this feeling and we did everything right...the only feeling that I can compare to this would be the death of a child...I am a mess...James and I have gone through so much in our quest to grow our family and are at a loss...Abbe is unbelievably heartbroken...Her little brother was taken away, and I have never heard her cry like she has...why would someone do this...please Heavenly Father help me to feel peace and comfort even if I can not understand ones reasoning...

We love you Emerson...It is so hard that you are not here...your sweet spirit..your little lambie grunts, your beautiful blue eyes and baby smell...We long for you to be with us again...

"Lead me in thy truth, and teach me;for thou art the God of my Salvation; on thee do I wait all day." - Psalms 25:5

"Remember , O Lord thy Tender Mercies and thy lovingkindness; for they have been ever of old" - Psalms 25:6

Monday, January 14, 2013

What's Mine Is Yours..

You guys, I have spent my entire day listening to this song over and over. I pulled up the R House blog this morning to see a new post detailing how Lindsey (Mrs. R) had a special tie to this song by Katherine Nelson. She shared the touching story of how her and her son's birthmom sat together listening to a live performance of this song and then got to meet Katherine and tell her about their story.

Today Katherine Nelson released a video to go along with her song "What's Mine Is Yours". I clicked on the link that Lindsey had included and within moments tears were rolling down my cheeks. The emotion Katherine conveys, the images of the mother who loses her sweet baby and of the courageous birthmom placing her baby in the arms of another....ah, it just rocked me to my very core, but in a GOOD way.

I have literally been pulling up youtube and playing the song for anyone who will listen. It is so beautiful and the message is so tender to me, being someone who has experienced both a miscarriage and the miracle of a birthmom placing their most precious gift in my arms.

Please support Katherine by going onto her website  or Amazon and purchasing this song. Share it with your family members and friends. She has been blessed with an amazing talent and I am so grateful that she used it to write this song.  May it touch your heart as it has touched mine today.

Katherine Nelson's website:

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review nor was I approached by Katherine Nelson to write it. I just think she is AMAZING!!!!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I made some changes to the couples hoping to adopt list. I go through them pretty regularly and read them. Please keep your adoption blogs updated! Having new posts shows expectant parents that you are still hoping to adopt and keeps you at the top of our list :) If you have not posted something new in over six months, I will be removing you from our list next week as I am no longer sure whether you are still pursuing adoption and want to have updated lists for prospective birthparents to look through. Email to be added back if you update posts after I have edited the list :)

On another note, a reader wrote in and asked me if I had any suggestions for birthfather gifts. Since we have never had any communication with our son's birthfather (yet, I'm hoping things will open up in the future), I didn't really have any ideas for her. Can you share some things you have done? I know that so often adoptive couples plan nice things for the birthmom when they meet or for placement. It would be great for all of us to hear suggestions on gifts for birthdads. Thanks!

Oh and....


I took Jon and Bridget off our list because they are expecting in May through IVF! So exciting. Also in other goods news, Que and Brittany have been matched as well as James and Deanna. Looking forward to hearing more about their adoption journeys in the coming months! One thing I wanted to point out about these two couples who have matched is that they are very active with social media. Facebook and blogs can be powerful tools in communicating  new things going on with your family and your desire to adopt. These tools are also great for advocating for adoption and continuing openness with your child's birthparents following placement. Use technology to your benefit, it can work miracles!


An Open Adoption Documentary

Adoption Isn't Selfish

Straight from a Birthmom...

The Open Adoption Project via The R House