Monday, January 14, 2013

What's Mine Is Yours..

You guys, I have spent my entire day listening to this song over and over. I pulled up the R House blog this morning to see a new post detailing how Lindsey (Mrs. R) had a special tie to this song by Katherine Nelson. She shared the touching story of how her and her son's birthmom sat together listening to a live performance of this song and then got to meet Katherine and tell her about their story.

Today Katherine Nelson released a video to go along with her song "What's Mine Is Yours". I clicked on the link that Lindsey had included and within moments tears were rolling down my cheeks. The emotion Katherine conveys, the images of the mother who loses her sweet baby and of the courageous birthmom placing her baby in the arms of another....ah, it just rocked me to my very core, but in a GOOD way.

I have literally been pulling up youtube and playing the song for anyone who will listen. It is so beautiful and the message is so tender to me, being someone who has experienced both a miscarriage and the miracle of a birthmom placing their most precious gift in my arms.

Please support Katherine by going onto her website  or Amazon and purchasing this song. Share it with your family members and friends. She has been blessed with an amazing talent and I am so grateful that she used it to write this song.  May it touch your heart as it has touched mine today.

Katherine Nelson's website:

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review nor was I approached by Katherine Nelson to write it. I just think she is AMAZING!!!!


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