Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I made some changes to the couples hoping to adopt list. I go through them pretty regularly and read them. Please keep your adoption blogs updated! Having new posts shows expectant parents that you are still hoping to adopt and keeps you at the top of our list :) If you have not posted something new in over six months, I will be removing you from our list next week as I am no longer sure whether you are still pursuing adoption and want to have updated lists for prospective birthparents to look through. Email to be added back if you update posts after I have edited the list :)

On another note, a reader wrote in and asked me if I had any suggestions for birthfather gifts. Since we have never had any communication with our son's birthfather (yet, I'm hoping things will open up in the future), I didn't really have any ideas for her. Can you share some things you have done? I know that so often adoptive couples plan nice things for the birthmom when they meet or for placement. It would be great for all of us to hear suggestions on gifts for birthdads. Thanks!

Oh and....


I took Jon and Bridget off our list because they are expecting in May through IVF! So exciting. Also in other goods news, Que and Brittany have been matched as well as James and Deanna. Looking forward to hearing more about their adoption journeys in the coming months! One thing I wanted to point out about these two couples who have matched is that they are very active with social media. Facebook and blogs can be powerful tools in communicating  new things going on with your family and your desire to adopt. These tools are also great for advocating for adoption and continuing openness with your child's birthparents following placement. Use technology to your benefit, it can work miracles!


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Shian said...

We usually give both birthparents the same or similar things. At placement we gave them each a stuffed elephant (elephants never forget)and bought one for us. I take a picture of our daughter with it every month. For Fathers Day we gave him a keychain with her fingerprint on it. I found that on etsy. We sent a cookie bouquet for his birthday. On our daughter's birthday (she's just over one) he got a photo book of her first year. Each Christmas we give him a beautiful ornament with her picture in it. He is so appreciative of anything we send.

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