Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Might Have Been (Adoption Phantoms)

I wanted to do a series of posts about what I call the "phantoms" that accompany an adoption.

A "phantom" is the idea of a child that "could" have been a part of our life. The ghost of a child who may not necessarily exist, but who haunts our thoughts; one that we grieve over.

There are phantoms that haunt every member of the adoption triad and I wanted to discuss the different types, how those phantoms affect us, and how we can deal with them.

I have a collection of  posts from all members of the adoption triad, all of whom have different perspectives and experiences.

These women are amazing, and I hope you enjoy learning from them!

Stefanie: An Angel in my Heart (birth mom)

Jill: Memories were Ghosts and My House was Haunted (birth mom)

Alicia: You Know Better Than I  (hopeful adoptive mom)

Brenda: Grieving the Loss of a Baby and a Birth Mom (adoptive mom)

Kenna: The Phantoms will Fade (adoptee and adoptive mom)

Conclusion: Even His Name Would Have Been Different

An Open Adoption Documentary

Adoption Isn't Selfish

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