Thursday, February 7, 2013

Please join us in fasting...

Hello to all,

As you may have read in the previous post, my dear friend and fellow blog contributor Deanna is currently facing a heartbreaking trial. I am asking all those within the adoption world to join us in fasting tomorrow. We will be fasting with these thoughts specifically in our hearts, minds and prayers: for the best thing to happen for baby Emerson, that his birthmom Jules will receive clarity in her decisions, that God's glory can be shown through miracles, that Jules family will be in tune with Heavenly Father's will and will have understanding and clarity as well.

I know this is an unusual place to request fasting but I firmly believe in strength in numbers and faith. The Lord is able to do anything if it his will, I have seen it in my own family with our adoption journey. Our hearts have to be open and our minds willing to bend to his promptings and I sincerely hope that comfort, healing and love will be abounding in the resolution of this trial for the Little Family. I know that the Lord has a divine plan for all of this.

I will keep you all posted as Deanna chooses to share. Love to Jules, her family, Emerson and the Little Family at this time.


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Anonymous said...

i just saw this. we will for SURE fast for this family. and for all involved. i read an update from her, but we will still fast.

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