Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adoption Blog Headers and Facebook Covers!!!

Do you want to know how I made this header for my Facebook cover and my Adoption Blog?  

Well, I was googling and looking for a way to fix my personal blog header, my blog has had some technical challenges/glitches (hence why it isn't doesn't have a cute blog background) and I found this blog post on this girls blog that helped me know how to use this site.  I love google! (well for this that

The site is called !  OMGosh I LOVE IT!! You will too!  It was a little tricky to do the sizing part that she speaks of since I have made my blog wider but it may be easier for you...You can make cool Facebook cover pages too! I feel like I just stumbled on a Goldmine!  It's awesome! 

btw- I put it on my personal page and my adoption Facebook page...hence why I have the blog address on the header...the one on the actual blog does not have it.  Remember, you want as many people as possible to know you have an ADOPTION BLOG and even if someone isn't friends with you on Facebook and you comment on a post they can go to your page and still see your header and that YOU WANT TO ADOPT!  What if they know someone looking to place!  Every exposure helps!!!



Heather said...

Thank you for the social media posts lately! I have taken suggestions from your last 3 posts, and have created a Facebook page, added a "like our page on FB" button to my blog, added a "contact us" section on the blog, and created a blog button. Thanks for the motivation!

Our Facebook page is:

And my blog is:

Deanna said...

I am so glad that it has helped you Heather!!!

Lauren said...

hooray i love the cute stuff thx for the info :)

Facebook Covers said...

great work on the header part i really like can check some more fb covers like that....

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