Monday, June 6, 2011

Hoping to Adopt Feature!

Hi! We are Jake and Terri. We met when I moved in next door to Jake. After we got married, we planned to have children right away. Things didn’t go as planned and even after seeing lots of doctors and having fertility treatments, we have not been blessed with biological children.

We had thought about and looked into adoption for a long time. We thought international adoption was right for us. We met with several agencies and went to adoption information meetings. Nothing ever felt quite right. Then my mom was talking to a friend at church. Her friend’s daughter was pregnant and thinking about making an adoption plan. She was willing to consider us so we moved as fast as we could to get the paperwork done and be approved in time for the baby. We were thrilled that we were starting the process and felt strongly that we were doing the right thing. The mom decided to parent, but now we are ready!

We are very excited to be parents and experience all that children bring to a home.  We hope to have an open adoption with a birth mom who is a part of our lives. We know the more people that love and care for children the better.  Why have a family tree when you can have a family forest!

We have continued to pray and research and learn about adoption. We have met so many wonderful people on this journey. We have received lots of help and have been able to help others on their journey. Friends have passed along our pass along cards. Family has responded to our emails and suggested us to those who are considering adoption.

We are so blessed to have many people praying for us and keeping us in mind. We pray for families that are making and have made the decision to place a child for adoption.  

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Sean said...

I love that saying "Why have a family tree when you can have a family forrest."

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