Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Write it Down

One thing I've always wished I was better at, is journaling.  Everyone has a story to tell, and that story means the world to many.  When expecting couples find out they are pregnant, they usually begin documenting their next nine months.  What made them sick, what they craved, belly shots as they grow, and other little things along the way.  I think we as parents in waiting should do the same.  Our stories and time lines may be shorter or longer than the traditional nine months, but we too have a story to tell.  Instead of telling about how our tummies got bigger and how often we were sick, we can tell about our emotions, the paperwork process, getting approved, case worker meetings, birth parent meetings and emails, even preparing our homes and hearts for a new addition.  In the new world of open adoptions, children know where they came from.  In working with several people in my local FSA, I have seen many adoption books created to tell the child's story and how fun would it be to pull snippets out of our personal journals to include?  The powerful thing about journaling our stories and emotions is that our children will have no doubt they were loved long before they were ever placed in our arms.  Depending on openness it can also be something that you and the birth family can do together.  I keep a journal and although I've been really bad at it lately, I hope that when we have a birth family, we can collaborate and combine our stories into one.  I would love for my child to have that keepsake to share with his children and his children with their children, etc...  The beauty of keeping a journal is that it's also highly therapeutic and relaxing.  It gives our minds rest so that we can be touched by the spirit and open to revelation or peace.  It also allows us to realize what may be bogging us down or holding us back.  In  reading my journal, I've seen room for growth and ways that I can further advocate for ourselves. 

So I challenge you to grab yourself a composition notebook, cover it in something fun, and write it down!


Sally said...

Love it! I'm generally really bad at journal keeping. Well, actually, I'm fantastic at keeping them--I several--just not at writing in them! I'm doing better at actually writing. Blogging helps keep me writing, too.

The Adoption Advocate said...

I remember feeling so sad one day thinking how I don't actually journal then I remembered I do! My blog is totally my journal of the 21st century! And now you can have them printed into books! How awesome is that?!

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