Monday, May 30, 2011

Hoping to Adopt Feature ......... Jared and Devin

Why Adoption is right for us?

Our adoption story is some what a unique one. When I (Devin) was born, I had what was known as infantile colitis. This made me extremely sick. While trying to diagnose me, the doctors discovered that I have Turner Syndrome.  Anyway, due to my medical history, biological children are out of the question. When I told Jared that I had Turner Syndrome, he was so accepting. Not to say he wasn't taken back. Honestly, it did throw him for a loop. Jared came to the realization... that loving me meant accepting this. Jared knew that no matter what that one day we would be an eternal family!

We know there are a lot of sweet spirits that need to be adopted so we choose to receive children into our home this way. Adoption to us is an absolute miracle. For two families to be joined by one sweet spirit, for this infant to be placed in the trust and care of another family, and for the birth family to be able to choose an adoptive couple there is definitely a Higher Being involved. There are no words to describe the feelings that come when adoption is involved. Our feelings for the birth family is indescribable too. To have that type of selfless love, the courage it takes, as well as the strength is incredible and admirable beyond compare. We would be honored to be the adoptive parents for any child that comes from that type of family. We are also licensed foster parents to help the kids that are in need. When the time is right for us, we will also accept foster children.

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Emily and Dan Adopt said...

Jared and Devin! You guys are such an awesome couple! I am so glad that I met you Devin! This is a great post!!! I really like what you said about two families, it really is about two families joining as one!

Jeni said...

Jared & Devin- you will make the most amazing parents!! I love you both so much!!!

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