Monday, June 27, 2011

Hoping to Adopt Feature Dan and Emily

Dan and I have been happily married coming up on 8 years now, this month! We met in Moab, Utah on a river rafting trip. By the time it had been a week of knowing one another, my mom had a framed picture of us displayed in her living room.

This is a week after meeting each other...

Days after we met, Dan and I had a heart to heart. 
 I told Dan that I had always felt that I would adopt ever since I was a little girl. Although I did not entirely know what adoption meant , it has been a word that has circled my mind since I can remember. 

Forward, almost a year later from our heart to heart conversation.... 

 Emily proposed to Dan! 
Then Dan proposed to Emily

 I had surgery for endometriosis. Dan went with me to get my surgery results from my doctor.  The doctor told us that if we wanted children we needed to try as soon as we were married and the sooner the better.

Dan and I left his office, feeling.... overwhelmed, it did not feel like the right time to start our faimly. 

We put everything aside and we planned our wedding... 
 We were sealed in the Jordan River Temple

In April 2006, we began our path to grow our family. We didn't get pregnant. Optimism past and sheer despair set in. After what was meant to be a fun weekend away and a visit with one of my best friends, I felt like I was turning inside out. I got down on my knees and prayed.... I felt to start the adoption process. After six short months Dawson came home a week to the year we started trying to grow our family in April. 

We are hoping to add to our family again through open adoption. 

You can read our blog here: to learn more about our story.

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