Saturday, July 30, 2011

blog links...

Hey it seems as if I will never know where my blog link list that had so many of you went so if you would like me to re-add you to my new one can you please comment on this post and I will add it...this is what I need:

1. name of you and your hubby
2. your full blog address

Again, I am so sorry it has not been there and I have tried to have blogger fix it but it has been to no avail so I will just have to do the next best thing and that is to redo it...

Thanks for all your help! 


Kristine said...

You can actually take us off now! We adopted! Placement was on Tuesday, the 26th, just barely.
Yay for Adoption!
-Drew & Kristine

Jake and Terri said...

Thanks for adding us back on!
Jake and Terri

William and Alicia said...

William and Alicia

choosingadoption said...

Ryan and Amanda


Shian said...

Tom and Shian


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