Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Find Ideas

To the right we have a survey posted on what things you would like to read about on this blog. One of the main things that you have said (so far) is that you would like some ideas. Well, I have a few.

#1. If you are trying to adopt, try spending at least 15 minutes a day on adoption stuff. Now this could be re-doing your adoption profile, mailing out pass-a-long cards (not the Church pass-a-long cards- waiting to adopt pass-a-long cards!) working on your Parent Profile or writing on your blog.

#2. Make some adoption Goals. I always work harder when I have a smaller sized goal to achieve and feel happy when I do it. Some of these goals can be to buy a pack of newborn diapers, write a letter to your newborn baby this week or give away 15 pass-a-long cards this week.

#3. Recognize things in your life that are time-wasters and avoid them. For me it is facebook. I tend to get on there and then I need to know what everyone has posted. Maybe someone will have posted something and I would have missed it! Giving yourself a time limit or limiting yourself to only a certain time of the day is very helpful. Or cutting it out all together is even an option.

When we are actively working on our adoption- we will see results. Things will get done and we will be happy. Progress is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

These ideas can also be used for couples who have been chosen to adopt as they prepare for their new little one and for Birth Mothers who are preparing to give birth as well.

Good luck, everyone!


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