Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who will you adopt?

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Today is Wednesday and it's the very first day of June. Happy June, everyone! How is summer treating you? Are you ready to adopt this year? How is the little one you may have adopted already? How are your goals coming along? Just a friendly reminder- Adoption Pass along cards is having a give away! Post a comment and you can win 1000 free pass along cards!!! What a great deal! I love it! Mail them out to your family. Post the pics on your facebook page. Let's get working!!!

The other night I had dream about a sweet little baby boy- his head so warm and soft and fuzzy in my hands. I dreamt about him again two nights later. It was touching. It was surprising. It was a gift from Heaven. A little moment where Heaven Father blessed me with a tender mercy. I am so thankful for tender mercies. I am so thankful for adoption that can allow my dream to become a reality. I know that God knows us. He hears and answers our prayers. He is there for us.

Who will you adopt? Will it be a boy or girl? Will it be an open or closed adoption? Will it be someone you foster Parent and then adopt? Will it be from LDS family services or a different agency? Will it be through Parent Profiles or through a pass along card? Will it be an international adoption? One Heart Bulgaria is a touching non-profit organization that helps provide relief to the orphans in Bulgaria. Adoption from there is an option as well.

Who will you adopt? I know that as we keep our hearts open to the many different options and choices available, we will find the best fit for us. Prayer. Hope. Faith. Love.

Here's to happy adopting,


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Deanna said...

Megan...thank you for posting is so sweet and touching...I am so thankful for your Wednesday posts!

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