Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Answer to Prayers

"In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance."
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

My husband and I have been on two journeys, as we try and build our family.  These journeys have required a lot of soul searching and kneeling.  It is only as of this evening that I feel a profound peace in my heart.  I'm beginning to understand that my place in adoption is to be an advocate not for myself but for adoption as a whole, and to be the answers to prayers of people needing someone to talk to when just starting their own journey.  I feel there is much more to my purpose, but it suffices me to say that we need to be open and ready to answer the prayers of those around us.  

I thought I'd share this story with you...(here's a link to the original)

Tonight the Mr. and I were sitting on our couch watching a movie and at 8:30 pm someone knocked on our door. It turned out to be our neighbor who we've talked to once and waved to now and then. But never really got to know like we should have. She asked for me and then with a little hesitation and fear in her voice, told us that she just happened to come across our profile on itsaboutlove and she was wondering if we had time to talk to her. 

 At first I was speechless. I thought that maybe our day had come and a birth mom had selected us. So we invited her into our messy house and sat on the couch for an hour and 15 minutes talking about the beauty of adoption. It turns out she just found out she couldn't have kids four weeks ago after an ectopic pregnancy cost her one tube and endometriosis cost her the other. She asked about dealing with grieving, what to expect with adoption, how to fill out the paperwork and so much more. 

The Mr. and I sat there and spilled our guts and were just so happy to be able to share our testimony of adoption. I truly feel like she was guided to our profile to help her because she doesn't know anyone else who has ever suffered infertility.  Out of the thousands of profiles out there and without the use of last names, it was absolutely God directing her to us.   

It made me grateful to have FSA and the adoption community as strength and things like girls night where we all shared our stories and such to draw strength from to be exactly what she needed. I truly feel like we've been blessed with a close-knit adoption family here locally and am so grateful to have friends to talk to and lean on. It made me even the more grateful that I could give back and be the friend she needed. She left here smiling, with hope, and peace in her heart and we couldn't ask for anything more for her. What a wonderful thing to be a part of. I love adoption and the wonderful miracles and experiences it has brought into our life.

That is absolutely a true story of mine and I'm so grateful to have felt that overwhelming satisfaction of helping someone feel at peace with their situation.  Just recently we did learn that instead of choosing adoption, the couple opted to move to Hawaii and attend school while trying IVF because their insurance in Hawaii would cover the procedures.  If after no more success, they were at peace in knowing that adoption was a great path for them.  

It is my hope that we will all be mindful of those around us, whether related to adoption or not, and be the answers to their prayers.  They might be just what you needed at a time you didn't think you needed anything.  My role in the above story came at a time where my faith in adoption was wavering.  At that moment, I committed to memory, never to be forgotten just how important and wonderful adoption is.  

Have you been able to help newcomers to adoption by sharing your experiences?

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