Thursday, October 6, 2011


As we were rushing out the door this morning to go to the temple, I realized I still hadn't written anything for today.

We did sealings today.  I had been endowed for seven years before Brigham and I were married.  After we were married, being a proxy for sealings took on a whole new meaning for me.  I liked doing sealings when I was single, but didn't have a full understanding of what being sealed means.  (I probably still don't.)  Today, as I was sitting in the sealing room, I was imagining having another child sealed to us--a soft little hand on top of ours.

Then I thought back to when Olivia was sealed to us.  (She screamed the whole time!)  Knowing she was sealed to us, to an entire, enormous family, changed the way I felt about her, about family, and about love.  I can't wait to re-experience that, to have another child join our family, to learn even more about the sealing power in such a personal way.

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Unknown said...

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