Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being ALL IN!!!

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p.s. I don't promote gambling I just needed the

Recently, I have had quite a few people ask me if we are nervous K ( K is our birthmom) will change her mind since K has chosen us to place the sweet little boy she is carrying or ask "well are you sure about everything?"...and all I can think and say is "I am ALL IN."  I want our little boy to know that we loved him so much from the start...I don't want him coming to our family and us not have put our hearts into preparing for him 100%.  I want K to know that we are "ALL IN" for her.  That we care sooo much about her!  It is crazy how strongly I already feel about her...and this is probably be cause we are "ALL IN."  When thinking of how I should be with her, I have tried to put myself in her shoes and truly think and focus on her...yes this baby boy is what brought us together and is our focus too but she is really my focus right now.  If I am focused on her I am focused on him too...  If it wasn't for her choosing us, he would not be coming into our family.

I know that before K found us I struggled a little bit with this too...I mean I was worried about what if they end up not liking us or don't like something we say or they are a scam or worst of all, our hearts gets crushed!  Then when I was with my adoptive Mom group and we were talking about friend Jaymie said no "we have to be all in"...that baby deserves for us to be!... and then my friend Mandy said some things re: if it is meant to be it will be and if not its not...the part I got out of this is that no matter how things turn out it is important for us to be present in the moment and not be doubtful...Any time we have the fear we must push through with Faith.  Faith and Fear can not co-exist.  I can't be "ALL IN" with fear present... 

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Since having K choose us, I too have felt this comes alot since it is uncharted territory for us...but I will say that when I have pushed through with Faith it has been to my benefit many times I know that not every thing is like this in life...but the feeling of knowing I was true to me and how I would be if their was NO Fear at all is so much more reassuring...So with that all I can say is that "I am ALL IN"...we should all be "ALL IN" no matter what stage we are in...

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Julie said...

Dad and I are "ALL IN" with you guys!

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